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2019. Mahjoub R, Ødegaard F, Zaric GS. Evaluation of a pharmaceutical risk-sharing agreement when patients are evaluated to determine the likelihood of success. Health Econ. 2018; 27 (1): e15-25. Over the past 20 years, the use of risk-sharing agreements has increased dramatically (described in the section “Drug Pricing and Reimbursement”, “How are drug prices set? What is the relationship between pricing and reimbursement? “above) to establish a difference between the published price of a medicinal product (the PMA) and the actual price paid by the Commonwealth for that medicinal product. According to these documents, the difference between the published prize and the actual price represents discounts that the sponsor pays to the Commonwealth. Almost all expensive drugs are now included in the schedule with a confidential risk-sharing agreement. The reaction of the industry and the Commonwealth has been the conclusion of agreements in which the industry agrees to the introduction of certain price control measures, in exchange for the Commonwealth`s promise of a certain degree of political security and consultation and an appropriate procedure with regard to future policy changes.

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