When implementing the ccAvenue Payment Gateway integration, the reseller ID, access code, and work key are the most important information to provide with the payment requirement. To obtain this code and keys, you need a CCAvenue Merchant account. When you download the integration kit from the CCAvenue dealer dashboard, it contains request payment handling files. The integration kit also includes Crypto.php with the collection of reseller data encryption features. In PHP, the integration of the CCAvenue payment gateway can be done by letting go of the web application to CCAvenue via the client library. The library files link the CCAvenue server to the reference to the authentication notification information during payment. This registration information is available through the CCAvenue dashboard by registering as a reseller. If you need help, please email merchants@ccavenue.com or call: +91 – 022- 67425555 / 61666000, number: 405 / 406 / 407 / 408 / 422 / 413. After 3 days, we received another email with the CCAvenue registration data to log in to dashboard.ccavenue.com/jsp/merchant/merchantLogin.jsp. Please note that the URL demourl.com/ has been whitelisted in your CCAvenue account.

We emailed service@ccavenue.com to get the Sandbox account, and their response was What Does CCavenue Do? CCAvenue offers comprehensive, simple and secure online payment services and e-business solutions for Indian websites with real-time validation of credit cards and online banking transactions. This allows sites to make and accept payments online and in real time. What types of web interfaces/integration does ccAvenue offer? Does my customer see pages that look and feel like my site? CCAvenue (the Sous Merchant) offers you two interfaces of choice: Variable Interface Amount and Shopping Cart Interface. These interfaces can be seamlessly integrated into your website. a) Variable amount interface: Use this interface if you have already developed your shopping cart and CCAvenue.com need exclusively for the final authorization. The customer completes their purchases on your website; and simply send the final amount to the CCAvenue page “Secure Server Final Payment Check out”. Your customer then enters their credit card or net banking selection and shipping information to complete the sale. The complete transaction flow from your site to the CCAvenue website to the payment path is explained in detail by the following formats: – Flash, Demolink, Livelink) & Flowchart (below) Also note the changes to the URL of the website/domain name or email business area to salessupport@ccavenue.com, otherwise it may lead to a pending payment/penalty from the card companies. You must register with CCavenue and obtain a reseller account. If you already have one, it can be two types – old or new, depending on when you created the account.

On January 14, 2014, CCavenue released a new and improved version of its dealer configuration. All merchants who registered after this date will be installed on the new dealer and will see additional information in their reseller panel compared to older resellers.