Sponsors receive invoices from the third year office after the 12th day of class in the fall/spring and the 4th day of class in the summer. This timeline allows the student to add/drop courses as needed and send a single, concise invoice to third-party sponsors. The third party office will not file early invoices preventing scholarships, grants or fee exemptions from appearing on the sponsorship bill. Third-party students cannot submit invoices to their sponsors because official invoices are sent by the third party office. These double invoices result in payment errors and may delay the sponsor`s payment to the university. Students are also advised not to set up their sponsor as an authorized user on Ebill. All payment information and sponsorship requests are included in a cover letter that accompanies the detailed invoices for each student. Completed forms can be faxed to (806) 743-7873, e-mailed 3rdpartysbs@ttuhsc.edu or mailed to our Student Business Services office, Box 5868 Lubbock, TX, 79408 Attention: Third Party Analyst. If you ask, call 806-743-7867. Student Business Services strives to serve our military veterans, their loved ones and spouses while pursuing their educational goals at Texas Tech University. We are proud to help our students use military and long-standing education services for tuition and tuition. For more information on military resources at Texas Tech University, please contact the Office of Military and Veterans Programs (MVP).

For more information on some third-party sponsors, check out the tabs below. This is not an exhaustive list of available sponsors. For more information, please contact Student Business Services. The Texas Tuition Promise Fund requires the buyer or student to complete the Transfer Value Payment Authorization Form each semester and sends the payment to the Texas Tech Univeristy Health Sciences Center. The form is available at the address – www.texastuitionpromisefund.com/tips-tools/forms-materials/ prepaid plans are sponsors who pay a certain number of semesters or units of credit hours based on an initial purchase made by the student`s family. Please contact your prepaid plan directly for information on eligibility for the prepaid tarp or the remaining benefits for the prepaid tarp. Two pieces of information must be provided to Student Business Services for each period of use of a TGTP account: the plan buyer must also authorize the release of TTPF units to Texas Tech University per semester. For more information on the unit authorization process, please contact the TTPF directly.

For more information on the benefits of ROTC, please contact the ROTC Air Force or ROTC Army offices at Texas Tech University. Eligible students must be licensed by their respective ROTC offices for rotc benefits before Business Services students can apply substitutable payments to the student account. Student accounts coded with a third party are billed after the 12th day of the class in the fall and spring and the 4th day of class in the summer. This gives the student the opportunity to add/fall if necessary for the semester. It also allows you to send a single, concise invoice to third-party agencies. No early invoices are processed to prevent scholarships, financial assistance or tuition exemption from appearing on the return. Each third party registered in SBS is billed by the third party analyst. The requirements of a third party are included in a cover letter accompanying detailed invoices or vouchers for the TTUHSC student.