Below, you will find relevant sections of collective agreements between the organization and management, as these agreements provide supplements to the department when setting current rates of pay. According to M.G.L.c. 149, p. 26 “… The rate per hour of wages paid to these mechanics and apprentices, the number of employees, drivers and workers in the construction of public works should not be less than the rate to be set by the Commissioner or the rates of pay, since the following are provided…. In one of the cities where work is to be built, in certain occupations, collective agreements or agreements in the private construction sector between organized work and employers have set a wage rate or rate of pay to be paid for such work, not below the fixed rates. The trust agreement refers to the trust agreement that is managed under this plan, as it can be amended from time to time. Iron WorkerIron Workers Local 7 Boston (09-15-2022)Iron Workers Local 7 – Western, MA (9-15-2012) CBAIron Workers Local 7 – Western, MA (9-15-2017)Iron Workers Local 12 (4-30-2015)Ironworkers Local 37 – (9-15-21) Contribution Agreement means an employer`s agreement to contribute to the plan, (i) Local 6 as part of a collective agreement (including sFECA) or a letter of approval (z.B the framework of the collective agreement of Us), (ii) the board of directors under a subscription contract or a substantially similar written agreement, or (iii) of the reciprocity agreement. (For the list of contribution agreements in effect on the effective date, see Appendix A.) The collective agreement refers to any collective agreement concluded by Local 6 and SFECA that provides for contributions to the confidence of the plan, as it can be amended from time to time. (For the list of collective agreements in force on the effective date, see Appendix A.) Company Engineer Local 4 (5-30-2022)Local Business Engineer 25 shovels (9-30-2012)Local Business Engineer 25 – Drilling Boat (9-30-2006)Local Business Engineer 98, Building – Site (05-31-2020) Operating Engineers Local 98, Heavy – Highway (05-31-2020)Local 4 Field Engineers Local 4 (10-31-2022) Charge coverage is a charge charge described in Section 8.8. . Employees refer to an individual who, as part of a contribution agreement, requires contributions to the plan. LaborerLaborers – Foundation and Marine (5-31-2017)Laborer es Heavy Highway CBA (5-31-2022)Laborers – Statewide Tunnel Contract (5-31-2017)Laborers Local 1421 – Wrecking/Environmental Remediation (6-30-2020) GlazierGlaziers Local 1333 – District Council 11 (5-31-2017)Painters/Glaziers Local 35 (6 30-2017) Zement Mason PlastererCement Masons Local 534 (6-30-2020) Floor CovererCarpenters Local 2168 – Bodenbedeckungen (8-31-2016) – ABRIDGE D Physician bezeichnet einen ordnungsgemäß zugelassenen Doktor der Medizin (M.D.) oder Doktor der Osteopathie (D.O.), der berechtigt ist, medizinische oder chirurgische Dienstleistungen im rechtmäßigen Umfang seiner Praxis durchzuführen, und jeder andere Gesundheitsdienstleister, der nach staatlichem Recht im Wesentlichen gleichwertig ist.

Hour Bank refers to the accounting system described in point 3.1 for a member`s monthly hours of work and the corresponding employer contributions that will be collected for those hours of work to determine eligibility for coverage of the plan.