With each plan, you benefit from our highly qualified and licensed technicians, who bring their eyes to professionalism, ecological awareness and quick service for every call. The lid of the boiler add plans include repairing your boiler when it breaks, and checks. The plan may include annual maintenance and maintenance of oil or gas boilers: if not, you can add this in addition. The plan should include call-out, parts and work. The difference between the two types of products lies largely in the way the product is described, in the claim procedure and in service contracts – VAT is subject to VAT, while FCA-regulated schemes are subject to insurance premium tax (IPT) at a standard rate of 10%. For this reason, Oil and Gas Services has been offering its customers an annual service option for more than 40 years. Here, the OGS will contact you every year and organize the annual service on your boiler. If you are unhappy enough to suffer one or more failures (MB – En) during the 12 months of the contract, the OGS will call at no extra cost. Long Island customers – download our Pennsylvania Natural Gas Service Brochure – download our natural gas service plan Customers can also benefit from a Saturday troubleshooting service from October to April with a reduced call fee of €50.00 these days. An annual security check and a service can be included: otherwise, you can add this in addition.

You can compare the boiler coverage of a number of online suppliers with Uswitch. If you are considering a gas service of 99.00 euros and a cancellation call fee of 99.00, then a domestic gas service contract for 170.00 euros for a period of 12 months is excellent value for money. Keep in mind that the annual service contract covers several troubleshooting calls (Mo – En) in addition to your annual boiler service. In addition, as a contract service customer, when time passes for the modernization of your boiler, you have the right to benefit from certain upgrade plans. Gas Safe Register is the UK`s national gas safety regulator. Only anti-gas technicians can repair or maintain boilers. Gas and oil boilers should be maintained at least once a year, but even then, things can still go wrong! Boilers are complex appliances and unfortunately, the components break down and sometimes with little or no warning! The most advantageous option is pure boiler coverage – you pay more to cover all your central heating and for an annual maintenance check for service and oil or gas boiler. Use Etcitch to compare boiler coverage plans online. If you are an owner or property management company, you can request a continuous service for one or more residential properties that you own. A Continuous Service Contract (CSA) allows you to continue the gas service for a rental property after a tenant leaves.

As soon as the application is approved and we are informed that a tenant has evacuated the premises, the meter is read and the gas service continues under your name without interruption. It also frees you from a future service-establishment fee of $25 for addresses in your Continuous Service Contract. Our natural gas plans are designed to offer you the best value for money while providing uninterrupted service for all your home heating needs. Heating plans can be service contracts that include an annual inspection or a heating encryption service or cover products to which you can add an annual inspection and service. These are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the independent supervisory authority that oversees financial products. 24/7 Access to service – rain or shine, snow or sun, our experienced natural gas technicians are ready for all your service needs. Between 8:.m a.m. and 5:.m p.m. there is no charge for services covered by this agreement. Our plans are divided into service space – click on the link below to see what`s available in your area: Domestic Annual Service Agreement Gas: €170.00 Domestic Annual Serv