As a result of these incongruities, the change in the amount of EURIBOR could have a negative impact on the ability to make payments Notes.To of the collateral management agreement (and as described in this prospectus), the issuer may enter into an interest hedging agreement to reduce the effects of such interest rate incongruity. In accordance with the provisions of the collateral management agreement, collateral managers are committed to making investment decisions regarding the portfolio, monitoring guarantees and fulfilling, on behalf of the issuer, all the obligations and investment functions necessary to make and implement investment decisions regarding guarantees in accordance with the parameters and criteria set out in the collateral management agreement. or CMA, is a legal and financial agreement that allows financial institutions to validate and evaluate a borrower`s inventory and lend against them. This Warehouse collateral management agreement of July 20, 2018 (in the amended, confirmed, repealed, completed and/or otherwise amended agreement, this “agreement” is entered into by and between GOLUB CAPITAL BDC 2010-1 LLC (the “exhibitor”), Morgan Stanley Senior Funding, Inc. (the Administrative Agent) and GC ADVISORS LLC (the “Collateral Goods Agent”) The Collateral Manager may acquire or transfer synthetic securities only in accordance with the security and commitment requirements of the management agreement and is only authorized to conduct or terminate CDS transactions with the agreement of the credit default counterparty. However, the Collateral Manager`s investment decisions regarding the portfolio are subject to its internal policies and the obligation that it comply with its investment guidelines and other obligations under the Collateral Management Agreement.