If it is not convenient to give money, why not just determine your child`s expenses and identify the institutions to which he can directly pay. Hello. I would like to ask your opinion on my situation. I have a 5-year-old boy. Since my pregnancy, he has not supported his biological father. It is only now that he is working in Malaysia that he has been able to give twice a year. What do I need to do to make Child Support legal, since it works abroad? Can the Philippine Embassy/OWWA assist in this matter if the father is unable to provide support? Thank you very much. If they do not have an income or income to support themselves and their children, it can be difficult to get the amount you think you need. We may have to find a compromise.

Dear Atty, my wife and I are separated, we have a child, and even though I send her money every month and money for school, the mother refuses to have our daughter communicate or even recognize me as her father much worse, she has filed a complaint of support against my parents for more financial assistance, which says that what I give is not enough to ask for financial help from a lawyer that my company can also support. My question is that at 40, she has a legal right to do so. You can certainly try to negotiate cashless support. The Barangay, DSWD or someone else can help bring a new deal that works for both of you. The father`s income is used for child care. Hello! Magandang araw. Ako po ay kasal sa isang OFW na nagtatrabaho sa UAE mula 2009 hangang kasalukuyan sa iisang kompanya lamang. Meron po kaming 3 anak, edad 16, 13 at 9 lahat po sila ay nag aaral. Ang asawa ko po ay regelm-ig na nag papadala buwan buwan ng halagang 20k. Noong una syang umalis nagpapadala po sya ng 25k pero habang lumalaki ang aming mak an hindi na po ito nadadagdagan bagkos pinako na nya sa 20k ang kanyang padala. Lagi po kami humihingi sa kanya na baka pwede nya itong dagdagan dahil ito ay kulang na kulang.

Dahil sa sitwasyon namin ako po ay nagtrabaho kaso ako po ay nagresign kaagad dahil nawala ang aking bunsong anak dahil wala pong nagbabantay. Pero salamat naman à sya ay natagpuan. Ngayon po ako po ay natatakot magtrabaho baka maulit muli ang pangyayari. Nais ko po sana manghingi ng advice kung paano ako makakapag file ng additional child support kung wala po dito sa Pilipinas ang aking asawa? Kung umuuwi po sya sa Pilipinas hindi nya po pinapaalam sa akin dahil ang sabi po nya hiwalay na raw kami. Nalilito na po ako, hindi ko po alam kung saan lalapit. Sana po ay matulungan nyo ako. Salamat in his lahat. ” Good morning.

I have a 7yo daughter with my ex and have provided child care since birth even without my name on the birth certificate or court order. My ex-id refuses me visitation rights and won`t even let me talk to my daughter on the phone. My family lawyer sent her an official letter asking her to meet with me to talk about my visit plan, but she did not respond and instead she did not make friends with FB. But when it comes to money, she has no problem texting me (to the question of when I will send the money). You need bad advice. Should I interrupt all child care until it responds to our letter or agree to meet and discuss my visit plan? Can it be used against me if I do? 3. Assistance to the illegitimate children of one of the married spouses depends on their property, i.e. single parents who have a heavy responsibility, since they are left alone to care for their children.