15:15 And this is consistent with the words of the prophets, as they say, Romans 8:27And he who is the seeker of hearts knows the Spirit of the Spirit, because he prays for the saints in accordance with the meaning of God. (BBE) 17:7 And I will make between me and you, and your posterity after you, by all generations, an eternal agreement, to be a God for you and for your posterity after you. 1 Peter 3:8 Lately, see that you all agree. Feeling for each other, loving each other as brothers, full of compassion, without pride:(BBE) The concordance of this doctrine in their parts … 2. APPROVAL OF THIS TEACHING IN THEIR PARTS. Let us compare the parts of this doctrine, and we will discover in all … //arminius/the works of james arminius vol 1/2 consent to this.htm Otherwise, if you bless only in the mind, how will the one who fills the place of the un talents tell the Amen in your gift of grace, since he does not know what you say? Galatians 3:15 Brothers, as men would say, even the approval of a man, if he is sure, should not be put on a single page, or supplements are made there. (BBE) Hebrews 10:29 But the man by whom the Son of God has flouted is not crushed, and the blood of the agreement with which he was purified was considered ungodly, and will the one who did not respect the spirit of grace be badly judged enough for a much worse punishment? (BBE) Genesis 9:9 Surely, I will consent with you and with your seed after you, (BBE) 2.

Union of opinions or feelings; how, there is a good agreement between the members of the Council. Romans 4:18 In desperate circumstances, he believed, hopefully, to become the father of many nations, in accordance with the words: “Your posterity will be so numerous.” (WEY) 4909. suneudokeo — to join the authorization … by the definition of sun and eudokeo to participate in the approval of NASB Word Usage (1), Authorization (1) for approvals (2), cordial consent (1), cordial consent (1). … /strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4909.htm – 7k 4339. meshar — fairness, sincerity, justice… right (1). Agreement, right, that are equal, justice, things that are right, sweet things. De Yashar; The planehood, that is to say (in the figurative sense of the term … /hebrew/4339.htm – 6k 5287.

hupostasis — a support, a substance, a firmness, therefore … 5287 (from 5259 , “under” and 2476, “to stand”) — correct to (own) a guaranteed agreement (“deed of title”); (figuratively) “…” to a promise or property … /strongsnumbers.com/greek2/5287.htm – 8k Ephesians 2:12You were then without Christ, you were cut off from any role in the right of Israel as a nation, which has no part in God`s agreements, has no hope and without God in the world. (BBE) Concorde (1 deposits)… Noah Webster`s Dictionary 1. (n.) A statement of agreement; Harmony Union. 2. the agreement according to the regulations; Compact; The alliance; The contract or the league. …/c/concord.htm – 7k Hebrews 8:6While its priest place is higher. Because through him, God has made a better agreement with man, based on the gift of better things.

(BBE) Exodus 2:24 And to the sound of their weeping, he had in mind the agreement that God had made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (BBE) This is the meaning of the word in Matthew 20:2; John 9:22 and other passages. In Mark 14:56 the word is isos and has not only the idea that their words did not correspond, but also that the testimony did not correspond to what the law required in such a case. The idea of being equal also takes place in 1 John 5:8.