For the secure management of your data, the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect-Dienst will treat this issue in the same way as other health data in Wales, with all data sent by the NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) to SAIL (the database that assists the government and the NHS in the fight against the pandemic). A general agreement on the exchange of personal data (WASPI) has been reached in Wales for the introduction of mass contact monitoring agreements in Wales. More information about the role of WASPI. We will continue to review and develop our approach, in line with the development of scientific and clinical advice, to verify the search for symptoms if evidence, resources and experience support it. Since the launch of THE WASPI, the issue of the state retirement age has sparked a series of parliamentary debates. [18] The issue played an important role in the 2017 general election, when Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party met at a meeting on the Prime Minister`s issues and the SNP pledged to support women. [19] [20] However, the Conservative government rejected WASPI`s claims and argued that they should make the public pension more affordable for taxpayers and that men should work 5 to 7 years longer than women, which is grossly unfair and potentially illegal. [21] In addition, the waspi campaign has been criticized by some commentators, who point out that the change in the retirement age and the claims to the contrary by WASPI activists are both sexist and unfounded. [22] [23] The Pensions Act 1995 imposed the retirement age for women aged 60 to 65 to compensate for age relative to men, with the amendment to be phased in in more than ten years from 2010 for women born between 1950 and 1955.

[3] This transition was then accelerated by the Pensions Act 2011. [4] The changes in 1995 and 2011 came as a shock to many, as women discovered that they had to wait up to six years longer for public retirement, which could affect their retirement plans. [2] In 2015, WASPI was created by five women to advocate for the government to grant their pensions to women born in the 1950s. [5] They are also seeking compensation for women who are now receiving a state pension but have had to wait longer. [1] [2] You are only called if it has been confirmed that you have been in close contact with someone who has a coronavirus. This means that you may catch the disease and pass it on to others. Three of the original founders resigned after a split in August 2016. [6] Three other directors resigned in February 2018 following an emergency meeting the previous month, at which irreconcilable differences led to the resignation. [7] This is an important part of our Trace Protect test program to control the spread of Covid-19. The app is used, along with traditional contact tracking, to notify users when they come into contact with someone who is testing the coronavirus afterwards. You are only contacted by the NHS Wales Test, Trace, Protect Service if: In Wales, contact monitoring is a matter of protecting your health and the health of others.

Contact monitoring plays an important role in living with the virus, as work continues to find more effective treatments and a vaccine.