Sinn Fein`s offices in Stormont Parliament are being searched by police, who are investigating an alleged IRA spy network. The government says the peace process cannot continue if the IRA is “half in, half out.” The effectiveness of the IICD certainly depended on the paramilitary composition of the provisions of some, and because the Government of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom committed to finding peaceful ways to resolve disputes over political issues and to combat any use or threat of force for any political purpose (Good Friday Agreement, Declaration of Support Article 4) and because the peace process on arms decommissioning issues is broken. , the Irish Government and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reached an agreement in Dublin on 25 November 2003 to establish an independent international oversight commission (ICD) to oversee all paramilitary activities and communicate its results to both governments at six-month intervals (`). The proportional representation method was used to ensure that unionist (mainly Protestant) and nationalist (mainly Catholic) communities participated in government in relation to the seats they won in the new Northern Ireland Assembly. Members of the Assembly were elected by a single transferable vote. If the major parties fail to reach an agreement on power-sharing, power would return to London, a situation neither side wanted. Several groups violated the ceasefire in 1998. In January 1998, peace talks nearly failed when the Loyalists of the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) admitted their involvement in the murder of three Catholics and thus their violation of the ceasefire. In this admission, the UFF interrupted its campaign against the killing of Catholics.1 Talks continued and the parties reached a final agreement and signed a comprehensive peace agreement on 10 April 1998.

A 2018 Economist report provides an update on the situation in Northern Ireland 20 years after the peace agreement. The ceasefire was declared in July 1997, there were no reports of violations of this year`s ceasefire and peace talks continued. In April 2005, Gerry Adams asked the IRA to lay down his arms. On 28 July 2005, it agreed to ask its volunteers to use “exclusively peaceful means”. [30] It would not dissolve, but would simply use peaceful means to achieve its objectives. Its proposals should contain recommendations covering all issues, such as retraining, employment, education and professional development, that are necessary to move to police work in a peaceful society. Today`s historic handshake between the prince and the controversial Republican figure comes after 30 years of bloody conflict and a long peace process that began with the signing of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. administrative assistance to the citizens` forum and the definition of guidelines for the selection of representatives of the citizens` forum.

Power-sharing continued until October 15. As the disarming provision of the agreement was not implemented, the DUP filed an application to exclude Sinn Fein from the government. The nationalists argued that they would not disarm under the conditions set by trade unionists, and for this reason the confidence between the Unionists and the nationalists collapsed, leading to the suspension of the Assembly and the Executive from 15 October 2002. 9. The conference will continue to examine the functioning of the new Anglo-Irish agreement and the mechanisms and institutions put in place under the agreement, including a formal review published three years after the agreement came into force. Representatives of the Northern Ireland administration are invited to take a position in this regard. The Conference will contribute, if necessary, to any revision of the comprehensive political agreement resulting from the multi-party negotiations, but it will not be empowered to repeal the democratic agreements reached by this agreement.