9. CADRES RE-LEVELLING AND COVERS CARRIAGEWAY (Figure 1; Detail view) That`s why it`s important that you let us know about your project before you start work. Then we can give you permission to work in our network, advise you on how safely you can do it, or do the work yourself. The Authority allows BT to review the work done by the Authority on BT equipment, where BT reasonably requests it. The Authority ensures that only qualified, experienced and competent personnel carry out the work; and that all appropriate security measures are taken. This will help us ensure that you will avoid potential security risks or damage to our devices, which could affect people`s telephone and broadband services. (i) more than two construction works or 150 mm of concrete (ii) the construction of a concrete slab to bring it to the corresponding new level. The contract changes listed below have been notified and come into effect from the dates indicated. The output number and text are checked before consolidation in the current contract to ensure that the notified text is added sequentially and adapted accordingly to the current text of the contract. Once notifications have been made, they may not always contain text from other notifications that are still within the notification time frame. This document describes the methods to be used by a motorway authority (the authority) for the recalcishing of the frames, and includes both pedestrians and pavements, the rights and obligations of the Authority and the Authority with regard to this work.

If BT informs the Authority of the inadequacy of the work within two years of the completion of the work, the Authority must remedy this deficiency without delay, at its own expense, to the proper satisfaction of BT. If the authority does not address this gap, BT can remedy this gap itself and bill the Authority for the cost. a) If the existing frame, the cover or the two objects are not suitable for a 9th system, they are replaced by the equivalent NT item. For clarification, please contact BT`s local representative if necessary. www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/customerzone/products/openreachancillarydocuments/openreachancillarydocumentspage.do If you`re working on this or other similar big jobs, take a look at our step-by-step guide. 2.7 The Authority asks in writing for BT`s permission before working on BT`s executives and covers. The authority removes and removes all old or damaged frames and covers that have been replaced. Contact us before you start this type of work. We will become: Type 102Type 104Manhole ShaftTypeType 106Type 110Type 111`It may happen that you bump into our devices or our network during your work. It is important that you know how to work with this safely and without damaging it.

We can help you by moving them or removing them. First, tell us about the work you are going to do. We develop what we need to do with our network and we agree on the best approach with you. This may mean that our network kit will be removed from public or private land and then reinstalled once the project is complete. The work should not be done if the changes require: 1 suffixes of the first edition of a specification.