Employment / Staff Handbook (also known as the Policy and Procedures Manual) A Manual on the Workplace /Manual lists different policies and procedures that all employees are expected in a workstation. The reason why these policies and procedures are contained in a separate manual/manual and not in an employment contract is that employees should protect, as far as possible, business establishments and other material goods (e.g. cars). B) against damage and vandalism. All employees should respect their colleagues. We will not allow any discriminatory behaviour, harassment or victimization. Workers should stick to our equal opportunity policy in all aspects of their work, from attitude and performance evaluation to interpersonal relationships. Business contracts are legal documents, while business guidelines are guidelines that management must enforce and follow from the point of view of staff. Companies often make guidelines available to employees in work manuals.

However, companies should avoid using language in political documents that could be interpreted as contracts. The difficulty inherent in oral contracts or the invocation of unspoken conditions (in cases where there is no concrete written agreement or limited oral agreement) is that there may be subsequent disagreements over what has been agreed. That`s why a written contract is always preferable. The contract should define the most important terms of employment and be signed by both the employer and the worker. While agreements are subject to minimum rights and possible requirements for bonuses or collective agreements, there are many issues that should still be covered, such as: no matter what is written in a policy, since their application and practice will determine the true importance of the new policy. Business leaders and executives must remain consistent and fair, as the new rules will be deciphered in time. If practices do not contras the written directive, it should be rewritten. The case underscores the importance of employers ensuring that workers are not only informed of employment policy, but also understand the end of employment because of violations of company policy. The practice of Jupiter`s casino was that potential employees had to sign a document called the induction checklist, which contained confirmation that an employee had read and understood the contents of the personnel manual and agreed to abide by the terms of the manual. Among these measures was the ban on gambling. Mr.

Atfield had signed a confirmation, but then placed a bet on the TAB and withdrew it almost immediately after being informed by the TAB operator that staff could not bet. The employee had stated that he was not aware of the ban, but that he had been dismissed anyway for flagrant violation of company policy. This directive applies to all of our employees regardless of employment contract or rank. A corporate policy helps promote employee well-being and ensure a company complies with laws and regulations. Read 8 min Once a directive is decided, the company must decide what is the desired outcome of this directive. Staff should be informed of the reasons why the directive was developed, the company`s position and the fact that there may be cases that are not covered by the directive. Each formal employment contract must take into account the minimum rights and rights prescribed by law, as well as the possible requirements for attribution or enterprise agreements. We expect employees not to abuse their employment benefits. This may include breaks, insurance, facilities, subscriptions or any other benefit offered by our company.

The difference between business directives and business contracts is applicability. In the event of non-violation by a party, the offending party may be held liable for the damage suffered.